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by Ivory Circle

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released April 14, 2015

All songs written and arranged by Chung "Connie" Hong and Chris Beeble
Lyrics by Connie Hong
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Chris Beeble at The Blasting Room
Additional Engineering by Andrew Berlin and Rob Spradling
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters
Artwork by Ali Goossens and Connie Hong

Vocals, Piano- Connie Hong
Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion- Chris Beeble
Drums, Percussion- Rob Spradling
Guitars, Backing Vocals- Sean Palmer
Percussion, Backing Vocals- Jesse Spencer
Backing Vocals on "And I Try"- Diana Verhaalan
Vocals on "Put Me Back Together"- Aaron Marsh
Additional Instrumentation on "Put Me Back Together":
Violin, viola- Adrienne Short
Cello- Phil Norman
Double Bass- Ryan Woodworth
French Horn- Katie Watt

Copyrighted 2015

Ivory Circle is Connie Hong, Chris Beeble, Rob Spradling, Sean Palmer, and Jesse Spencer



all rights reserved


Ivory Circle Denver, Colorado

Ivory Circle is an indie-alternative band from Denver, Colorado, started by singer-songwriter Connie Hong and producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Beeble. They are joined by Rob Spradling on drums/ percussion.


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Track Name: Faces and Colors
Overwhelmed by places
I cannot erase the memory of our fall
Oh, but it’s a time to recognize my saints
But I’m not waking up at all

Pray over my head
Fill up on the bread
It’s all that I have to give while you may violently repent
For something I said
But I never asked for a second chance
Just for this one to be a life I won’t resent

I see faces and colors
That long for each other
But I can’t live in the palm of your hand
Sisters and Brothers
Look out for each other
For who wants to be misled


Open wide our stances
For the silent dances are not just for us to be redeemed
Every breath we take is overturned
By our intentions of getting to where we want to be

Pray over my head
That I may be well fed
That we may discover love before we’re old
And before our deathbed
May we be protected
from dangers and lies in the stories we have been told


I see faces and colors
Love one another
Track Name: Holding On
I fall apart in my head in this space
All of the life is in my suitcase
Lonely I wander in this place but I find a way
To bet on the wires
Bet on the cold hopes of our ship to unfold
And stamp out the waters, useless desires
All of it with our stories untold

This is me holding on
This is me holding on

Bound to the certainties
Comfort I just can’t leave
Do I trust your ways
Bound to desires of the life I never wanted anyway
And all that I’m asking for is an opportunity to escape
But all I have found is the lack of courage not to stay


Past the breaking point
Past the breaking point
Past the breaking point

Lonely I wander past the breaking point
Unpack my suitcase
Lonely I wander past the breaking point
Dream of a new place
Track Name: And I Try
I could count the reasons I’ve had
Like the stars I’ll never ever run out of them
But our nights are numbered and I’ve fed myself with every list of why I should turn around
But I know I’ll know better when all my chances have just slipped away
But my shaking fingers cannot turn the handle
When I don’t know the forecast beyond today

And I try
And I try
And I try to let it go
But I’m not so rational
Can I find
Can I find
Can I find a ray of hope
That somehow, someday I’ll find a way

I go weak when I think of how you might wonder what I am wondering
But still my tongue finds it hard to speak
And so I find myself fumbling
For words to tell you that you should know what I’m feeling
Before it’s much too late
Still I’ve had my share of opening empty cases
And the broken piece is telling me love can wait


All my, all my
questions have just piled up high trying to make my case that
All my, all my
fears have been answered and I’ve only got myself to blame that
Oh my, oh my
hands are shaking
Oh my, oh my
But I’m awake and
Oh my, oh my
Heart is racing
Oh my
Please say that I’m not too late

Track Name: Move On
This is a quiet prayer for the ones who we have lost
And the ones we’ve yet to lose but are gone
We long for unbridled joy in the moments we have shared the same air
We breathe with you

Move on with love
Move on for me
Move on for love
Move on

Say the word and I will follow you until the earth is no longer beneath the footsteps I have made
And I will miss you until the air is gone from my lungs and the thumping in my chest goes away


Hope, I will wear you like a ring
Sometimes it’s the only comforting thing
Hope, I will wear you when I’m wondering
When time will take away this beautiful sting


I will hold on to a picture of you there
For now, it’s as close as I can get to you
Track Name: Put Me Back Together (feat. Aaron Marsh)
You can see my branches on the ground
You can hear the voices, bitter sounds
You can feel the dirt underneath your feet
It’s gone and made a mess of me

Swallow your pride
Be strong
Don’t follow the tide
It’s wrong to fight against a beating heart
It’s only hardest at the start

All I want is for you to put me back together
Put me back together
All I want is for you to put me back together
Put me back together

Can you feel my last trace of my acclaim
Has fallen with my fight to be known by my name
Can you see that I’m not strong, I am weak
Can you tell that I’m not who I was made to be

(I can’t, I can’t, I can’t)


And all I want…

Wrap your arms around the scars
Around the tears
Around the reasons why we’re scared of who we are
Around our faults
Around our dreams
Around the pieces of ourselves that have been torn apart
We’ve been torn apart

All I want is for you to put me back together
Put me back together
All I want is for you to put me back together
Put me back together